Imagine...An intimate concert venue within a world-class arena, created to meet the demands of artists who wish to perform in a more intimate venue.


The Theatre at Honda Center has an approximate seating capacity of 7,000*. The floor accommodates 670* guests in a reserved seating configuration. The above numbers are approximate capacities and do not include production kills. 

A curtain system transforms the arena into The Theatre.
  • The curtains are made up of 24 sections. Each section is 20’ X 85’ and made of a black lightweight material called PD Cloth.
  • Curtains transition seamlessly into position using 16-17 one-ton Loadstar motors.
  • Each section has 30% fullness to create a gentle ripple effect.
  • Dasherboards lining the edge of The Theatre floor are covered with heavy black velour.
  • Cyberlights and five (5) Schonbek* “Empire” crystal chandeliers create theatrical lighting.
  • Chandeliers were specially designed for The Theatre.
  • Each chandelier is 96” in diameter and 141” in body length and weighs 580 lbs.
  • Each chandelier features “Legacy” cut crystal and 78 lights that can be dimmed.
  • Five (5) half-ton Loadstar motors are used to lower or retract the chandeliers into the ceiling, fitting the needs of each performer.
    Schonbek Worldwide lighting was founded in 1890 in Bohemia and is currently located in New York state. It is the world’s largest and oldest manufacturer of crystal chandeliers with historic pieces hanging in prestigious locations such as The White House and Buckingham Palace.

    8,000 feet of plush charcoal gray carpet covers The Theatre floor.
    The floor of The Theatre can accommodate:
  • Table rounds for dinner
  • A dance floor
  • General Admission
  • A pit
  • A golden circle

    Honda Vision

    The arena is equipped with the Honda Vision® LEDERBOARD® system featuring a full-color, LED (light emitting diode) display that produces clear and true to life pictures. It contains four (4) video screens, each 16’ X 9’ that can be utilized at The Theatre events when appropriate. The Honda Vision® features the highest resolution LED video display in a Major League Sports facility in Southern California.

    A view of The Theatre

    A full house